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At Home Products

Medical-grade skin care by Sente uses Heparan Sulfate Analog, a unique, patented technology that’s designed to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, get rid of age spots, improve elasticity and firm up the skin. This at home regimen , partnered with any of our skin care procedures can create fast and more dramatic results, with noticeable improvements in as little as 2 weeks. Medical grade skin care products by Sente include the following:

  • Dermal Contour Pressed Serum
  • Bio Complete Serum
  • Dermal Repair Cream
  • Pollution Shield SPF 46
  • Gentle exfoliating cleanser
  • Cream cleanser for dry/sensitive skin

Support Skin Health with Medical-Grade at home skin care by Alastin

Medical-grade skin care by Alastin are best known for their ability to support the skin’s elastin- and collagen-producing processes. These products produce deep-penetrating effects while also reducing downtime significantly from even the most extensive resurfacing procedures. Their patented Tri-Hex technology has been shown to be the only company to create structural improvements of collagen AND elastin. Medical grade skin care by Alastin include the following:

  • Alastin Skin Nectar
  • Alastin Retinol .25
  • Alastin Retinol .50
  • Alastin Ultra Nourishing moisturizer