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Permanent Makeup

Benefits of Permanent Makeup


Eyebrows give your face expression and are a reference point that determines how facial features are perceived. The appropriate eyebrow shape and size can appear to lift a person’s eyes creating a more youthful appearance. Properly designed eyebrows can balance the distance between eyes or modify the look of prominent or deeply set eyes…

One of the main causes of eyebrow hair loss is over tweezing. However, there are medical conditions such as alopecia, chemotherapy, trichotillomania, thyroid problems, stress or poor nutrition. Layna understands the challenges faced with hair loss, as she personally deals with Alopecia.

Anyone who desires fullness or definition to their eyebrows will benefit from permanent makeup. Whether you suffer from hair loss, want to correct asymmetry, have trouble applying makeup or simply crave an additional 30 minutes of sleep each morning, permanent makeup is the answer.


Many people today opt for the permanent lip liner/lip color procedure which can be used to perfect lip shape, define the natural lip line and enhance the natural lip color giving a healthy appearance to the lips.

Soft pink or nudes are the most popular for those who want a more natural look. A more dramatic color can be achieved if desired. Permanent lip liner eliminates lipstick smearing and is embraced by lipstick and lip gloss connoisseurs because they can still apply their lip cosmetics as desired, but never be bare.

Important reminder! If you ever had a cold sore/fever blister/herpes simplex in your lifetime you will be required to contact your physician for Valtrex to possibly prevent such outbreaks. Many physicians prescribe 12 capsules 500 mg. of Valtrex. Your physician may prescribe that they be taken twice a day, starting 2 days prior to lip procedure.


The major benefit of permanent eye liner is that it never smears or rubs off the skin even through watery eyes, perspiration, sleep or sports.
It’s the perfect solution for people who experience allergies, people who suffer with alopecia, and people who have sparse lashes, poor eyesight or physical disabilities.

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